Our Speed Skating Team

Inside Edge Racing Team

Coaches: Charlie Lucas

                  Michael Johnson

Our 2018 racing season is underway and our team is growing as fast as we skate! Keep track of where we have been:
Jubilee Fun Skate (Waco, TX)
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Springfield, Missouri
Texas Roundup (Waco, TX)
Emerald Coast Challenge (Milton, FL)
        Arlington, TX
Houston, TX 

2017 Season Wrap-Up


Regional Qualifiers

Joey Gonzales

Thomas Salsini

Olivia Montgomery

Garrett Smith


Nationals Competitors

Thomas Salsini

Tucker Dennis

Garrett Smith

Congratulations to our Waco Inside Edge Racing Team Winners!

Kyndal Dyrk 1st Place Overall Sophomore Nov Div 2015
Oma Dawn 2nd Place Overall Senior Novice Division 2010
Joseph Gonzales 2nd Place Overall Junior Novice Division 2010
Joseph Gonzales National Record in 500m Novice Division 2010